You want more than just a job?

Above all, do you want a dynamic everyday existence?

A meaningful task?

If so, your place is in our team!

At ClarData,
we combine both elements:

Perfection in digital development with the desire and willingness to put it to work for people and their health.

We identify this meaning in our task, which is better harnessed by the work we do. We see a vocation in improving care structures in the health sector with the help of digital opportunities. This opens up an infinite variety of approaches to finding solutions, so that our daily existence is an expression of remarkable variety:

In our working sessions, we look to the future, constantly train and develop permanently as a team. We maintain a varied, stimulating and dynamic exchange with international and national experts in medicine and IT. These include major software companies as well as all of Germany’s leading university hospitals. Every day we work with some doctors on our joint projects – often on a simple call.

To this end, we are looking for people who value our core principles of collegiality, reliability and honesty and who promote them in turn. Their high level of qualification is a natural aspect for us. We offer a modern working environment where visions are translated into reality. Clear working structures reinforce our objectives and fast decision-making processes unite us. For us, teamwork is more than just operational cooperation: It represents a living together beyond the monitor and keyboard.

Our projects are constantly evolving, we are constantly growing. Become part of our organisation and grow with us.


We look forward to your call or email.