Our daily work is characterised by meaning, which is the essence of our social engagement. We see it as our task to make a lasting contribution to improving healthcare facilities.

Our social responsibility originates from our connection to people, our deep sense of community. It is obvious that the topic of health plays an important role for us also with regard to sponsorship. But we get involved in many different ways – not only here at home, but also abroad.


Men’s health has been a taboo for many years. Awareness of this issue in society is only slowly developing – also thanks to actions such as Movember. Every year, we join this event with a Mo’Team and our own Movember party in our Fortschritt café.

Gentleman’s Ride

In 2022, Gentleman’s Ride will set up its tents in the OnkoZert / ClarData premises in Neu-Ulm. Similar to Movember, the project focuses on men’s health in an attractive way.

Self-help groups

Self-help groups make a significant contribution to health care through advocacy – both at the public level and with political influence, as well as through intensive efforts at the local level and concrete help for those affected. We are involved in voluntary work, supporting presentations as reviewers and joint projects, e.g. in the Bundesverband Frauenselbsthilfe nach Krebs e.V. (Federal Association for Women’s Self-Help after Cancer) or in the Bundesverband Prostatakrebs Selbsthilfe e.V. (Federal Self-Help Association for Prostate Cancer). Programmiersprachen und Frameworks


Talent is a gift that should not be wasted. In order for artists to develop and perform freely, we support those who engage in supporting our themes.

We support the Neu-Ulm Music School in our immediate neighbourhood and sponsor Ulmer Zelt, which provides the space for cultural events.


Stay on the ball at all times – a motto that suits us and our team. Out of love for sports and games, we support SSV Ulm and the table tennis club Cluj-Napoca County Table Tennis Association.

Table tennis is about concentration, precision, flexibility and speed. For us it’s the best concentration and balance at the same time, so we and our guests use the table tennis tables whenever we have the opportunity.